We first met Jerry and Kelsi last year at Jerry’s sister’s wedding. We we’re so excited when they reached out because we already knew how sweet and fun they were! During their engagement session listening to their planning and talking, we knew their wedding would be something special.

They originally had planned an in port cruise wedding for Mardi Gras week and the day the ship would leave was on February 14th, so that was the day they needed to get married. After booking, they found out that day was Kelsi’s uncle and aunt’s 40th wedding anniversary as well as her mom and dads first date!

When they decided to cancel the cruise wedding due to covid, they just knew they had to keep that date!

We started the morning off at Kelsi’s sister’s house. She had the perfect spot set up for hair and makeup. As the girls got ready, they all wore matching monogrammed robes. Kelsi gifted each bridesmaid with the cutest basket of goodies they’d need for the day. The girl’s dresses were all a shade of dusty blue but with different styles. They all looked beautiful!

Jerry and the boys got ready at Jerry’s moms house. All the guys wore grey tuxedos and funny sucks. Jerry, however, wore a blue tux.

Kelsi gifted the moms with two very special pictures. Jerry’s mom’s was a collage of pictures from their engagement session! We had taken a few very special pictures to symbolize their loved ones. We have no idea how they managed to keep this hidden from them for so long! Kelsi’s mom’s was a few pictures in her wedding dress holding her parent’s wedding picture. How special!

Kelsi and Jerry each wrote heartfelt letters to each other and had gifts to open.  We were not prepared for all the water works that came with opening the gifts! Kelsi read Jerry’s letter out loud which made it hard for her to hold back the tears. His gift to her was a necklace with a mermaid on an anchor. Kelsi’s gift to Jerry was cologne and cufflinks with pictures of loved ones that have passed. So much thought had gone into all the gifts!

We LOVE to see the groom’s expression when he sees his bride for the first time; Jerry did NOT disappoint! His jaw literally dropped and he started to tear up – PRICELESS! When Kelsi got to the end of the aisle, she revealed a portrait that she had painted of her dad and her in her wedding dress. They placed in on the chair next to her mom during the ceremony. A great way to symbolize he was there with them!

Some people choose to add something into their ceremony to show they are united as one. Jerry and Kelsi chose to tie a fisherman’s knot!

Once the ceremony was done, we pulled the family and bridal portraits outside! Everyone was a trooper, because it was COLD! Once done, our couple went inside to share their first meal as husband and wife! Then shortly after, the DJ announce them, then the party began.

Kelsi and Jerry danced across the floor and everyone could see how in love they are. In place of her father, Kelsi danced with her uncle to “I loved her first.” Cue the teary eyes from the crowd. But that was just the beginning of the tears! Jerry had a huge surprise for Kelsi. He had shirts made with Kelsi and her dad on them for all the groomsman to wear. When Kelsi saw them all lined up and ready to dance with her, she couldn’t help but to smile and cry. But the very last one was what really got everyone. At the end of the line, was her grandfather, ready to dance with her. There definitely wasn’t a dry eye at this point!

The entire night you can see that the couple really enjoyed being surrounded by the friends and family that they loved. They second lined then were sent off with sparklers!

We wish you many years of love and happiness, Jerry and Kelsi!

If Kelsi could give advice to future brides, it would be “let it be, what it is suppose to be”, if there is nothing you can do to change something don’t sweat it.



Venue- Crystal Events

Hair & Makeup- Glam on Location, LLC

Cake- Nonna Randazzos

Wedding dress- James & B Bridal